Project 1
Revitalization of School Libraries

Background information:
The quality of students’’ learning outcomes is greatly enhanced by effective school libraries. School libraries promote life-long learning through information literacy instruction that is integrated with classroom content. It also promotes critical thinking, creativity, engagement with information in all of its forms and the use of technology to enhance learning. In order to enable high-performance teaching and academic excellence, school libraries play an important role in the process of reforming the new education system.

MLA believes there is an urgent need, throughout the country, to transform school libraries into environments conducive for learning. Hence, it proposes this pilot project to revitalize school libraries.

Goals of the project
• To create uniquely designed and modernized libraries that include adequate book collections, technology and other media, in order to create supportive, welcoming and learner-centered environments.
• To transform school libraries into vital learning space for both teachers and students, by improving information infrastructure.
• To inculcate the reading habit, and to enhance access to and use of information technology.

Project 2
School Library System

The first open source school library system! Simple and easy to learn, maintain and use. MLA encourages you to collaborate for improvement of the system. Please contact MLA to get the free software.